As mentioned several times on this blog, I am an aviation geek. This is a long-held passion that started in my youth. When I was a child, many of my friends were building great looking plastic models. I decided it was my calling to build some of my favorite airplane models.

I have never been good with art and crafty things. Once glue and paint get involved, I usually flounder. Model building was no exception. My attempts at assembling airplane models were a failure. My finished products had paint and glue in all the wrong places. After several disappointing model building attempts, I decided my ability could not overcome my desire, and I resigned myself to other hobbies.

Now fast forward many decades, and my passion for aviation model construction has been reignited. My newfound energy around this hobby was germinated by finding a colorizing a photograph of my father in a C-45 during his time in the service shortly after World War 2. I searched and found a model of a C-45 from the time of my father’s photo. I ordered the model, but I was not sure about actually constructing the airplane due to my previous experiences with model building.

My son noticed my renewed interest in aircraft models and bought me three models for Christmas. He also gave me a tool kit for model building. After this thoughtful gift, my passion for model airplane construction was rekindled. While I enveloped in newfound excitement, the thought of my miserable attempts as a child lingered in the back of my mind.

In my usual style, I began overthinking my resurrected hobby. After watching numerous videos and ordering too much paint, I decided I was ready to start. My first victim, or model, was a Corsair F4U World War 2 era airplane.

This project started well; then, I ran into a few familiar problems. The painting of parts was required throughout the project. After a few misfires, I gained confidence with bush painting. I then struggled with attaching the wings properly. I ended up with glue scattered about, but in the end, I managed to get the model together. After finishing the final spray painting, it was time to place the decals. I was very nervous about this part of the project. It turns out I was correct to be concerned. Before learning the proper technique, I managed to rip and partially destroy several decals. I managed to piece the decals together on the model but, the results are disappointing. Also, as is apparent in my photograph, I managed to misfire on the canopy.

The good news is I know what caused my mistakes and am encouraged enough to try again. So what is the point of sharing this story of a rekindled passion from my youth? For many years, I just assumed I could not successfully build plastic airplane models despite a desire. After some encouragement from my son, I decided to give it another go. While the results of my return to model building were far from perfect, I did complete the construction and am inspired to keep going.

Is there something in your life you assume you can not accomplish? Perhaps you have had failures in the past and are hesitant to try again. Failure is a critical element of success.

“Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

Do not be discouraged by failure. The only complete failure is giving up. Do give up; get back out there and try again!

Make the most of this day!