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Hold On To Memories

It has been a year since my daughter passed away. This has been the most challenging year of my life. I have experienced the loss of close family before with the passing of my father and sister; these events pale… Continue Reading →

The Model

As mentioned several times on this blog, I am an aviation geek. This is a long-held passion that started in my youth. When I was a child, many of my friends were building great looking plastic models. I decided it… Continue Reading →

Backup Assist – Giving Up Control

After 12 years of faithful service, my pickup truck became too unreliable to continue as my primary vehicle. I tried everything I know to help the old truck keep going longer but was told it needed a new engine. I… Continue Reading →

Big Bend National Park

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. It has been four months since I have written a blog entry. Most of you know I have been dealing with the personal tragedy of the passing of my daughter. I thought… Continue Reading →

The Drone

For the past month, I have been obsessing about owning a drone. The appeal of drone ownership is tied to flying and photography. Through my vast research on YouTube, I have seen some awesome videos made with drones. I have… Continue Reading →


There are plenty of serious, disturbing events so far in 2020. One fallout from the COVID19 pandemic is a lack of distractions—specifically, a lack of live sporting events. I have tried several solutions to satisfy my desire to watch sporting… Continue Reading →

A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far Away

It was 43 years ago this week when my view of movies changed forever. This was the year Star Wars was first released. I recall waiting in line at the Galleria Theater in Houston for my first viewing. I was… Continue Reading →

Working From Home

The idea of working from home is not new, but the concept has received much more attention and participation during the COVID-19 pandemic. I recall when this idea first began with Friday being the usual day to work from home…. Continue Reading →

Lend a Helping Hand

I have not posted on this blog in a while. You might think that during these strange times, it would be a target-rich environment for writing topics. True, there are plenty of high-flying subjects in the news and our lives…. Continue Reading →

The End of Innocence

I love a happy ending to a story. Maybe the cowboy rides off into the sunset, or they live happily ever after. As much as I like these types of endings, they do not represent real life. You might be… Continue Reading →

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