There are plenty of serious, disturbing events so far in 2020. One fallout from the COVID19 pandemic is a lack of distractions—specifically, a lack of live sporting events. I have tried several solutions to satisfy my desire to watch sporting events. I have been attempting to watch Korean baseball, Indy car racing (virtual and live), and reruns of previous events. Korean baseball is on at odd times. I like live Indy car racing; however, the virtual version is not for me. Reruns of previous events don’t do it for me either. I know some sports have plans to return, like the NBA. As of this writing, my favorite sport, baseball, is blowing their entire season, arguing about money. What is a frustrated, news exhausted, sports-loving retired guy to do?

PBR stands for Professional Bull Riders. I have become a fan of the PBR. My father in law used to watch bull riding, and at the time, I was mildly interested. I have been to many rodeos and always highly anticipate the bull riding. During this pandemic, while most sports are on hold,  the PBR was the last to shut down and the first to restart. They are not reckless about the risk of COVID 19; they are smart and have quickly adapted their sport to the changing times.

A PBR event is where I first saw people wearing masks and social distancing on television. The PBR has created a league of bull riders with teams supported by sponsors. My favorite team is Cooper Tires. Somehow I picked a team that is currently leading in the standings. 🙂

The PBR is holding events weekly with no fans in the stands. The PBR is well marketed, their web site is fantastic and highly engaging. It is easy to find your favorite team, rider, or bull. Yes, they track statistics and rank the bulls. The bulls are referred to as athletes. As far as I can tell, these bulls live a good life.

By contrast, the life of a bull rider looks difficult. These guys seem to be hurt after every ride. This is in addition to the sheer terror of trying to ride a 1-ton animal that wants to buck you off, then kill you. This is clearly a young man’s sport with retirement happening in the late 20s or early 30s.  While it appears to be a life of pain and struggling to make money, these riders love the sport.

If you are looking for a distraction, and given the chaos in the world today I highly recommend it, I suggest checking out the PBR. You will find it easy to become a fan!

Make the most of this day!